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上海泽思网络科技有限公司,致力于提供APPror体育app网站 和ror体育app官网入口 ,专注应用商店ASO优化/ASM营销,以广告效果ROI为导向,有幸为生活、财务、游戏、教育、社交、新闻、报刊杂志等类型应用助力增长。

ZES is located in Shanghai and is specialized in ASO/ASM(AppStore Search Optimization and Ads) . With an experienced and professional team, we have hundreds of cases for APP promotion.


泽思团队 – 专注广告技术

我们不断汇聚优秀的移动互联网营销和技术人才,不仅为客户提供APP推广、ASO搜索优化、ASM广告智投等专业服务,而且根据数据和经验开发提高广告效果的ror体育app官网入口 ,帮助客户更有效率的获得增长。



我们的价值观:负责 – 勇担责任,认真仔细;敏捷 – 反应迅速,马上改进。

ZES Team – Focus on Advertising Technology

We are good at advertising technology for mobile internet, Such as APP promotion, ASO, ASM. We develop marketing tools to improve advertising effect based on data and experience, help customers succeed.

Our Vision:Become the leading APP marketing agency in China

Our Mission:Provide the most effective APP promotion service

Our Values:Responsible – take responsibility, work in earnest, Agile – quick response, start improving now.

泽思宣言 – 求真务实 开拓创新


ZES Declaration – High efficiency and Innovation

We not only advertise, but also create value for customers. Continuously improve service quality to help customers achieve business goals. Result-oriented, to provide customers with satisfactory service.


If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.